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drop it!

#ah yes exactly what i needed #an hd gifset of steve dislocating/breaking bucky’s arm #and looking absolutely wrecked after doing so #thank you purl #and by thank you i mean fuck you #fuck you very much #death would be kinder (via buckysexual)

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"Selfies are a great way to remind the world of how good-looking you are."  - T. Stark  just kidding  he really didn’t say that


things that are ok to remove from a post when reblogging

  • unnecessary comments like “omg” “thisss” “THIS” etc etc
  • “ ☯✞ Follow for more Soft Grunge ✞☯ ” variants

things that ARE NOT ok to remove from a post when reblogging

  • the artist/OP’s comments
  • the source of where it came from


haru where is your muscle

"This is a great moment because for a guy who is as strong as Cap, in comparison to normal people, you need to see him get hurt sometimes.”

Captain America: The Winter Soldier audio commentary by directors Joe and Anthony Russo and writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely

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11,002 plays | by Shimazaki Nobunaga

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Oh, to see what they did to you.
It would break your Captain’s heart.

Winter Soldier: The Bitter March, #3 (via stevebottoms)

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